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Past Imperfect Continuous


Sculptors from mix media, Wall paint
Alfred Gallery
Part of a group show 

A joint exhibition of artists Keshet Ben Ami, Shira Barak and Lital Rubinstein, curated by Ohad Zehavi. The exhibition combines the new works of the three artists into one integrated installation, multi-faceted and yet cohesive, created especially for Alfred Gallery. It includes sculptures of various sizes, a wall image, a video work and a sound work.

At the center of the exhibition are fateful rituals, full of vision yet inherently failing.


At the entrance of the gallery, fortune-telling devices are presented, derived from common practices of divination and from good fortune amulets, but each one of them has some defect or flaw that dispossesses them of their power. In the background, a blown-up astrological map appears as an uncharted futuristic landscape waiting beyond the horizon.

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